Intelligent Mobile

Product Lab

Through continual research & development, we’ve remained at the forefront of mobile innovation for more than a decade.


Visitor & Resort App Platform

In a world fixated with the opportunity of new technology, we focused on developing a cross-platform product that enhances the visitor experience.


Mobile Messenger

We are a trusted SMS marketing provider to leading brands in the UK’s property, leisure & hospitality sectors, offering a fully managed service.


PropTech Platform

Our platform has been developed for house builders, accommodation providers and co-working spaces, that improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.


Visitor & Resort

An award-winning app platform with e-commerce capability that generates 100,000s of downloads and transactions.


Our award award-winning app platform has broken new ground by harnessing location based technologies to empower visitors to learn and discover in new, exciting ways, including:-

  • Innovative use of location-based services including GPS & iBeacons

  • Safari Drive mode - using GPS navigation 

  • Treasure-trail functionality

  • Interactive maps to help guests navigate facilities 

  • Booking engines to manage activities, set favourites and reminders. 

  • Augmented Reality integration

  • E-commerce functionality

  • Social media and SMS integration

  • ‘Park Messenger’ - a new benchmark in ‘in App’ notifications for Visitor attractions, bespoke geo-location and time triggered messaging system to inform and drive secondary spend;

  • Accessibility features including screen reading, contrasted colour palettes and magnified map navigation.

Our Visitor & Resort App Platform has won multiple awards.


Mobile Messenger

An innovative customer engagement platform packed with sector specific functionality.

Features Send SMS Online 01.png

Customer-fixated brands work with us to automate customer engagement, cut costs and free staff to be more productive. We’ve earned their trust thanks to our scalable and reliable systems, leading SLAs and operational expertise.

Our platform and SMS gateway has been designed specifically for sectors, with ‘in built’ specialist functionality and reporting. Our services come with a dedicated account manager with specialist knowledge of your sector. Schedule and send personalised text messages to large contact groups or individuals online.

Your account manager is always on hand to help your Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, HR and Compliance teams with content and data requests. We can even help you define your mobile messaging strategy and set up ROI goals.

Integrating your CRM, email or internal systems with our API gateway SMS solution is something we have specialized in for over a decade and will enable you to automate campaigns, alerts, reminders, notifications and much more.



A specially developed platform for house builders, accommodation providers and co-working spaces.


Our PropTech Platform improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs.

We have partnered with Microsoft in the development of new technologies which underpin the platform including AI chatbots and the innovative use of the app platform.

The beauty of the solution is that it solves a number of problems for house builders, property owners and residents. 

Reducing costs and improving the efficiency of customer-focused operations is at the heart of our property sector platform. The solution addresses the following key drivers:

  • Relieves pressure on call centres and administration support roles.

  • Improves efficiency of digital communications and documentation handling.

  • Improves the sales process and reduces manual administrative tasks.

  • Demonstrates innovation and supports brand values.

Our PropTech solution is the result of our experience acquired over a decade of delivering leading solutions to the biggest names in the property sector