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Digital Strategy

Intelligent Mobile brings a proven approach for developing innovative digital solutions with a focus on co-creation and visualisation.

Cracking workshop – The most productive day we’ve had as a team!
— Jamie Graham - Founder and CEO, Who Knows Wins

Our 3-step approach

Our 3-Step workshop approach adds value by:

  • Delivering benefits faster

  • Creating higher quality solutions

  • Facilitating shared ownership across the entire organisation.

Prepare. Participate. Produce.


Step one


Workshop preparation.From primary research to data analytics we put your customers at the heart of the process.


Step One: Prepare

We will help you pinpoint key insights - providing the guidance you need to turn those opportunities into action. Observing behaviour. Noting aspirations. Unearthing insights. All to be played-back in the Digital Strategy Workshop.


Insight & Analysis

Using primary research and data analytics, we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes. We analyse data and behaviour to understand external influences shaping the industry and client needs.


Interviews & Surveys

Interviews and surveys with customers and staff offer insight into the current state, and feedback on vision themes, propositions and other stimulus.

Persona Development

The development of personas ahead of the the workshop Journey Mapping exercise will help to illustrate how customers will actually use the propositions.


Step two


Workshop Day. Through facilitated and structured workshops we map customer journeys and design wireframes.

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Step Two: Participate

Using research and expertise in the room, we will map customer journeys and design wireframe prototypes. Stimulus from other industries, research and sector knowledge help us to develop a view of the ideal future-state customer experience.



We provide a powerful methodology for rapid co- creation, design, alignment and decision making. Work with illustrators, prototypers and technologists in an environment that inspires, educates and promotes big-idea thinking. 


Journey Mapping

Client Journey Mapping places clients at the heart of the design process. Illustrating key interactions through the use of personas and user stories. Supporting capabilities are identified at each stage of the journey .

Design the future state

Design the ideal future state customer experience is a collaborative exercise to arrive at the desired client experience strategy and vision.




Workshop Outcomes. Through a process of collaboration and communication we will set you on a journey and create a case for change.


Step THree: Produce

The process ensures collaboration  and communication across the business. Together we create a common shared level of knowledge  & ownership to enable well-informed decisions. The outcomes of the workshop will set you on a journey and create a case for change.


Wireframes & Prototypes

Bring the vision to life through visualisations of concepts, turning them into tangible wireframe prototypes that can be tested.


Digital Strategy Report

The inputs and outputs of the workshop will be packaged into a Digital Strategy Report to present back to stakeholders and other areas of the business.

Define the Plan of Action

The workshop process is just the beginning. By now we will have a shared knowledge of your challenges and opportunities . We will be on-hand to discuss and help you take the next steps.

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Turning The Vision Into Reality

Post workshop, an iterative process of testing and co-creating follows. In parallel, the impact of the proposed solution needs to be assessed and a detailed specification and delivery roadmap produced. Intelligent Mobile’s highly experienced team of strategists and technologists make this hand-off between strategy and technology seamless.

This is what we do best.


Test & Co-Create With Customers

We follow an iterative process of testing & co-creating - testing the ideas continuously with real customers.

Assess Business & IT Impact

Performing high-level capability assessment and gap analysis, we develop the business model, incorporating the prioritised new ideas.


Specification & RoadMap

We spend time developing the functional specification, which allows us to determine development options and build the road map.




How we produced a future-proofed website underpinned by a flexible, scaleable and easy to use CMS.

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