Amazing experiences that put the end user at the start


When setting out to evolve our 10year mobile technology heritage,
we wanted to address some key things that we ourselves as both
marketers and clients had always wanted from a technology company.


Fortunately we always had that covered. Way back in 2004 we were one of the first companies in the UK to provide location based SMS services. 10 years on this is no longer confined to phones alone. We now embrace everything mobile with regards to technology, be it smartphones, tablets, websites, wearables, touch panels, iBeacons…

Because we live and breathe technology we are in the privileged position in being able to match great ideas with great fitting technology and development.


We’re ultimately always talking about the benefit to the end user. Intelligent Mobile is designed, built and created for people, so they can have extraordinary experiences. 

Our unique I’M positioning always first questions the end users out-take. This approach shifts the focus from being just about the technology to the overall experience our solutions enable.



We understand the challenges of driving innovation and creativity in a fast paced connected world. We also believe technology should be accessible and provide a simple clear suite of solutions to both consumer
and business problems.

That’s why we developed IMpulse, our evolutionary transmedia communications platform. A suite of tools and API’s that allow us to mould robust technology solutions into great customer experiences, simply, reliably and at speed.


To us, technology has to be brilliant.


We set out to inspire, advance and add benefit, always.


The way we see it, mobile is the coming together of the things that make you, you.


Whether it’s plotting your course through a festival, or serving up added interest as you watch live TV,
or wearable tech that tells you where the party is at when you pick up a drink –
we’re excited by what’s out there and where it can take you.


We have the tools and invention to enhance lives, so everyone moves forward for the better.


You see, we’re the enablers of ideas – people with a can-do-attitude and mobile surround
expertise that’s second to none.


In short, we deliver experiences that stay with people – ones they’ll want to talk about.