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Knows Wins

How we helped a UK startup create an app to revolutionise social betting.


The Challenge

Who Knows Wins, an investment-backed-start-up partnered with Intelligent Mobile to design and build a fan engagement platform to disrupt the traditional sports betting model. 

As a start up, WKW’s key objectives were to create a product that could enable them to successfully launch their business.

The Outcome

A cutting-edge app which uses a complex ecosystem of game logic and APIs to create a proprietary ‘Game Engine’ which drives the app.


Strategic Approach

When we first met with the team at WKW they had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve but had stalled on how they were going to do it. We began with a workshop which transformed ‘the idea’ behind WKW into a user journey, incorporating key concepts from multiple stakeholders and realising them in a static wireframe prototype which was the product of the workshop.

At the end of the workshop WKW commented that they had made more progress in one day than they had in months with other agencies.




The iOS and Android app development process lasted 13 sprints across 7 months and was built by our in-house development team.

The project delivered several innovative and creative solutions:-


Complex API Integration

The app is integrated with various 3rd parties to deliver an optimum in-app experience. Integrations include: Opta (football, tennis & rugby), Racing Post (horse racing), SendBird (chat), Credas (KYC), Secure Trading (payments), AppsFlyer (Analytics) and MailChimp (email).   

Cloud Native Technology

The app is built from the ground up to make maximum use of Azure, especially Azure Function, Azure Service Bus (Queues) and Cosmos DB for robustness and scalability. We could scale the app to run across 20 servers or scale it back to 1.

Key Features

  • Play against friends by joining a league or creating your own

  • Face recognition, touch ID and PIN login

  • Real money / wallet

  • Chat with your friends

  • Live Score updates



In the first 2 months since the app’s soft launch, it is already proving to be successful and commercially viable.

Key statistics such as expected player numbers and cost per acquisition have been exceeded, and high retention rates are showing users returning to the app time and time again.

We are very excited to see this fantastic app and company continue to grow.

5 star

Reviews on both platforms.


Downloads in first 2 months.

From the first time we met the team at
Intelligent Mobile they immediately understood
our vision they ‘got it’. Their experience has
been invaluable in helping us to deliver a social
betting platform that has the potential to take
the betting world by storm and be disruptive in
a positive way.
— Jamie Graham - Founder. Who Knows Wins

5 star

exceptional customer reviews on both App stores



downloads in the first 2 months



UX & UI developed in partnership with the client through a series of workshops


user retention